Plug & Play Jumper Module p/n SLMODR4K



This jumper module is used with our SignaLink USB p/n SLUSBRJ4 or our SLCABRJ4 radio cable. It is compatible with virtually all Kenwood radios that have an 8-pin modular RJ-45 type Mic jack.

Compatible Radios (Contact us if your radio is not listed)


TM-251, TM-255, TM-261, TM-271, TM-281, TM-451, TM-455, TM-461, TM-641, TM-642
TM-732, TM-733, TM-741, TM-742, TM-941, TM-942, TM-D700, TM-D700A, TM-D710, TM-710A/E
TM-G707, TM-V708, TM-V7A, TM-V71A, TM-V71E, TS-480HX, TS-480SAT
TK-90, TK-7102H, TK-7108M, TK-7108HM, TK-7160E, TK-716M, TK-716HM
TK-7162E, TK-7180E, TK-7189E, TK-8108M, TK-8108HM, TK-8160E, TK-8160M
TK-8162E, TK-8180E, TK-8189

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