RJ45 Microphone Switch p/n SW-RJ45

RJ45 Microphone Switch p/n SW-RJ45


The Tigertronics Microphone Switch Model SW-RJ45 provides a simple yet effective way to connect both a microphone and a communication device (SignaLink, TNC, etc.) to your radio's 8-pin Modular RJ45 Mic jack, and switch between them without needing to disconnect / reconnect the microphone or cabling. This is perfect for installations where you need to operate both digital and voice but your radio provides only a mic jack connection (EMCOMM, VARA, Packet, SSTV, etc.).


The switching of all eight lines of the RJ45 connector is provided, as well as the switching of stereo audio. Built-in RF filtering can be enabled on any or all of the eight RJ45 signal lines.  No external power is required, and the installation and operation of the switch is very simple.  All required cabling is supplied**.

Download the SW-RJ45 Product Manual here.


**NOTE:  To connect this switch to your SignaLink you will need radio cable p/n SLCABRJ4, which is supplied with SignaLink USB p/n SLUSBRJ4.  If you do not already have this cable then you will need to purchase it separately.  To connect this switch to a TNC or other communication device, you will need the cable that you use to connect that device to the radio's mic jack.  If you do not have this cable then you will need to acquire it from the manufacturer of your device.

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