RTX-12OEM Telemetry Modem

RTX-12OEM Telemetry Modem


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The RTX12OEM is a half-duplex 1200 baud radio modem designed especially for telemetry and remote data transfer applications. While the standard RTX modem is Bell 202 compatible, an optional CCITT v.23 model is available by special order. The RTX modems provide an inexpensive solution to interfacing computers and microcontrollers to radio links. The modem utilizes FSK audio tones to provide reliable communications over narrow bandwidth channels.

The RTX-12OEM is easily interfaced to radios designed for either telemetry or voice communication. It is suitable for hand-held, mobile or base radios. The data interface is designed to be compatible with both standard RS-232 levels and CMOS logic levels. The total power consumption is less than 25 milliwatts, making it ideal for battery powered applications. When operated from a standard RS-232 port, no external power source is required. The modem has it’s own micropower voltage regulator, allowing it to operate from a single polarity unregulated power source as low as +4.6 volts. Thus it can be powered directly from the +5 volt logic supply in microcontroller applications.

The RTX-12OEM is intended for embedded applications and is provided without an enclosure. This modem is extremely small (1-1/4” x 1-1/2”) and is easily installed inside other equipment. A single 10-pin header provides connections for both the radio and data interface. An optional color coded ribbon cable is available for this modem (not included).


NOTE:  The RTX-12A modem has no on-board intelligence so support for ax.25 packet or other radio protocol layers is not built-in.  This must come from the external device that controls the modem, such as a microcontroller or computer.

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